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  • Know Your Value: Q&A with Citi's Ida Liu

    By Ana Duarte McCarthy, Chief Diversity Officer, Citi May 14, 2015 10:00 AM

    Photo by Todd Zimmermann for MSNBC.

    For over 200 years, Citi has supported Progress Makers and their ideas, recognizing the powerful role they play in business and in their communities. As the leading global bank, we pride ourselves on the diversity of thinking we bring to bear for our clients, and know that our success relies on the exceptional talents of our people.

    Citi engages in a number of leadership development programs at all levels of the organization. “We believe in enabling our colleagues’ progress with opportunities to excel and grow along their career path, so we continue to have more diverse perspectives at all levels – this is core to our culture and simply good business. We’re thrilled to support new partnerships that empower and champion emerging women leaders,” says Mary Ann Villanueva, Director of Global Branding & Sponsorships and Citi Women sub-committee head.

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  • Deborah McWhinney: Paving the Path to Success-Define Your Passion

    By Deborah McWinney, COO Global Enterprise Payments, Citi October 10, 2013 12:34 PM

    In 2009, my decision to return to the financial services industry in the thick of the economic crisis may have surprised some. However, once the crisis hit, I knew almost immediately that I needed to be part of fixing the industry to which I had dedicated more than three decades of my life. While I knew I was embarking on unprecedented financial times, I was excited by the challenges of this opportunity.

    ....Over the years I have been faced with many obstacles that have shaped who I am personally and professionally; I firmly believe that one's success lies in the ability to be resilient. My journey, like those of many others, has been filled with ups and downs. However, I am grateful for the lessons each experience has taught me, which I can, in turn, share with future generations of leaders.

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