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  • My "Tenacity" Led to My Progress

    By Deborah Hopkins, CEO, Citi Ventures and Chief Innovation Officer, Citi March 09, 2015 12:00 PM

    To celebrate International Women’s Day, Deborah Hopkins, CEO, Citi Ventures and Chief Innovation Officer, Citi, shares her story about the defining characteristic that led to her progress.

    Early in my career at a well-known B2B company, I was asked to take on a new responsibility – not part of my job description at the time – and navigate a possible bankruptcy. There was a consortium of more than 20 banks advocating for a Chapter 11 filing of our company, and I was assigned to create a convincing story of why we were worth more alive than dead. I went home that day thinking I had no idea where to start; it felt like I had been pushed into the deep end but didn’t know how to swim.

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  • My "Risk Taking" Led to My Progress

    By Ana Maria Fernandez, CCO, Citibank Nicaragua March 05, 2015 10:30 AM

    To celebrate International Women’s Day, Ana Maria Fernandez, CCO, Citibank Nicaragua, shares her story about the defining characteristic that led to her progress.

    For the past two years I’ve served as Chief Country Officer for Citi Nicaragua, overseeing Citi’s $52 million Central American operation. Getting to this point in my career would not have been possible if I did not accept steep challenges – and the risk of failure.

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  • My "Sense of Adventure" Led to My Progress

    By Christine Lam, Country Business Manager, Citi Consumer Banking, Hong Kong March 04, 2015 10:30 AM

    To celebrate International Women’s Day, Christine Lam, Country Business Manager, Citi Consumer Banking, Hong Kong, shares her story about the defining characteristic that led to her progress.

    “30 years, and counting.”

    That was the opening line of an essay I wrote about my Citi career that was featured as part of an International Woman’s Day celebration in 2014. Now I can proudly – and accurately – write: “31 years and counting.” Along the way, I have had seventeen assignments, twenty-five managers, and worked in three countries in two regions. The jobs have taken me from the Intuitional Clients Group into Global Consumer Banking. I’ve held staff positions, client-facing roles, jobs with critical profit and loss responsibilities, assignments in Operations and Technology. Many of these assignments involved taking on roles that did not previously exist, and undergoing groundbreaking work for Citi, including breaking into new markets, and creating new organizations. Each time, the experiences were also new for me.

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  • My "Voice" Led to My Progress

    By Suni P. Harford, Citi Managing Director, Regional Head of Markets, NA March 03, 2015 10:30 AM

    To celebrate International Women’s Day, Suni P. Harford, Managing Director, Regional Head of Markets, North America, shares her story about the defining characteristic that led to her progress.

    There are pros and cons to being more vocal than most, and I can certainly think of many places where it hurt more than helped. To be honest, I am still learning the art of keeping my thoughts to myself. But having a voice which projects – and using it selectively but forcefully – has been a singular characteristic that has helped me in my career.

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  • Introducing International Women's Day "My Progress" Series

    By Linda Descano, Managing Director and Head, Content & Social, Global Consumer Bank March 02, 2015 10:30 AM

    On a national and global scale, women are making progress like never before. According to Citi and LinkedIn’s sixth annual study on the career and financial concerns of professional women, progress for women in business has made remarkable strides.

    According to the study, two-thirds of women surveyed feel they are on their way to equal footing in the workplace, and cited the top indicators of progress as the number of women in leadership roles, flexible work policies, and the elimination of the gender wage gap.

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  • Five Citi Leaders Named to American Banker's Most Powerful Women in Banking List

    By Jennifer Lowney, Head of Corporate Communications September 22, 2014 11:50 AM

    Today, American Banker magazine named its 2014 "Most Powerful Women in Banking" lists. Once again, Citi made a strong showing, with five colleagues making the lists.

    All five of these talented leaders are not just vital to our businesses - they are also among the most respected bankers in our whole industry. Congratulations to Barbara, Jane, Suni, Elinor and Debby on this wonderful honor.

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  • Wendy Lofgren-Aviles: 5 Messages to My Younger Self About Being a Working Mom

    By Wendy Lofgren-Aviles, Senior Credit Officer, Citi March 29, 2013 03:32 PM

    Dear Younger Self,

    Congratulations on the birth of your first son. As you learn to balance your career and motherhood, I've taken the liberty of writing down some helpful tips for you during this new journey.

    1) You don't have to do this alone

    a) Never underestimate how the value of help family and friends can provide.
    b) Forget work-family balance and think "integration." Though they are still young, children can have an understanding of your career. Continue to show them how proud you are of your accomplishments. Your ambition could help fuel them to set their own goals early in life.
    c) Determine what your hourly rate is or what an hour of your time is worth. If you can find someone else to do a task for you at a lower rate, solicit help and do something more valuable with your time.

    2) Be organized

    a) Take the time on Sunday to cook at least three meals. Invest in a good set of plastic storage containers and store the food to serve for dinner during the week.
    b) Manage your personal "to do" list like a time-sensitive, professional deliverable. I will give extra points if you create it with an online planner.
    c) Be "diplomatically assertive." If you would like your mother-in-law to fold laundry or need help from a work colleague, you need to ask.


  • Philippa Nesbit: Five Messages to My Younger Self About Leadership

    By Chief Risk Officer, Citi Private Bank and Citi Holdings March 25, 2013 03:25 PM

    During my 20 years at Citi, I've worked in a variety of roles, each with increasing leadership and management responsibilities. I have always enjoyed managing people and continue to refine my leadership style. It is hugely rewarding to see a company benefit from good leadership. Here are some of my thoughts on how to refine this quality.


  • Ireti Samuel-Ogbu: Five Messages to My Younger Self About Leadership

    By Ireti Samuel-Ogbu, EMEA Public Sector Head, Citi Transaction Services March 18, 2013 03:54 PM

    My name is Ireti Samuel-Ogbu. I started working at Citi as a management associate more than 24 years ago. I have worked in Nigeria, London and South Africa in a variety of roles, from operations to relationship and product management. I am currently the EMEA Public Sector Head for the Citi Transactions Services business, based in London.

    The topic of leadership is important to me because banking is a service and solutions related business, which is dependent on the caliber of the workforce. Even though management gurus expound time-honored, enduring principles, leadership is a constantly evolving topic. I prefer taking on a more centered and holistic approach to becoming an effective leader. Being a successful leader translates not just to a work environment, but life itself. Here are five tips to my younger self about leadership:


  • Ana Duarte: Five Messages to My Younger Self About Being a Working Mom

    By Ana Duarte, Chief Diversity Officer, Citi March 13, 2013 11:46 AM

    I am the Chief Diversity Officer at Citi and have been with the company for 18 years. I have had the opportunity to hold different roles within the company, such as attracting, developing and retaining a diverse employee workforce and fostering an inclusive and respectful work environment. Outside of the office, one of the most important roles I hold is being a mother to my 17-year-old daughter, Alissa.

    When I joined Citi, I was not aware I was pregnant. My husband and I had faced infertility challenges, so we were thrilled once we learned I was expecting. However, I was scared because I had just started a new position at a new company and was facing a 4-hour daily commute. I knew Citi would offer great opportunities, but was concerned about balancing professional and personal responsibilities.

    I returned to work eight weeks after giving birth to Alissa. The first few months were very challenging. During one particularly stressful week, Alissa was hospitalized with an unknown virus. I was tired from lack of sleep and felt a bit out of control at home, at work and in my personal life. I was on the brink of leaving Citi. However, my situation improved. Through my own experience, I would like to share a few life lessons, which may help those of you navigating work, motherhood and pursuing your life goals.