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  • Citi Volunteers Create a Hub for Engagement, Health and Physical Activity

    By Kimberly Latimer-Nelligan, Chief Operating Officer & EVP Community Investments and Programs, Low Income Investment Fund and Clare Fox, Director of Policy and Innovation, The Los Angeles Food Policy Council June 18, 2014 02:18 PM

    On Global Community Day, Citi works with nonprofit organizations to strengthen communities around the world through volunteerism. This year, Citi Volunteers focused on promoting community engagement and health by partnering with two organizations pursuing healthy food access in Los Angeles. Volunteers worked with the Low Income Investment Fund to build the first Citi Garden to promote community engagement and healthy living. Citi is also partnering with The Los Angeles Food Policy Council to build awareness of healthy foods as a strategy to revitalize communities. Both partners talked with us about their approaches to encouraging healthy communities in Los Angeles and the impact of this year's Global Community Day.

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  • Providing Families with Food for their Tables: Mary Jo Shares her Volunteer Story

    By Mary Jo Tonachio, Southern California Division Sales Director June 18, 2014 12:55 PM

    "Global Community Day has become a proud tradition at Citi over the years- an annual opportunity for employees, alumni, clients, family and friends around the world to serve their cities and use their time, skills, and expertise to make a difference in their communities." - Bob Annibale, Global Director of Citi Community Development and Microfinance

    To celebrate Global Community Day this year, Citi employees are sharing their volunteer stories that have empowered them to have a lasting impact on their local communities. Mary Jo Tonachio, a Citi volunteer and Southern California Division Sales Director at Citi, shares her experience supporting local food drives and community garden builds in Los Angeles, California. Read her story in this Q&A.

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  • Financial Access Solutions for Israel's Unbanked Population

    By Bob Annibale, Head of Citi Microfinance and Community Development May 22, 2014 02:52 PM

    I recently made a trip to Israel to participate and lead the effort to develop a roadmap for financial inclusion for the unbanked. Citi and the Milken Institute Israel Center held a Financial Innovations Lab® along with over 50 key policy makers, regulators, and community and industry representatives. Also present were Citi Israel seniors and leading US experts in this field. As a group, we shared with our Israeli counterparts and government officials a range of information on data collection, analysis, and policies relating to financially under-served and low income communities in the US, as well as regulatory and financial services models and experiences relevant to the discussions in Israel.

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  • How a Water Pump is Changing the Lives of Farmers in Africa

    April 11, 2014 01:04 PM

    An extended version of this article first appeared on as part of Citi'sVoice.

    When your product is instrumental in creating 150,000 new businesses and increases its users' incomes by 500 percent, the world takes notice. But the product in question isn't an app or the latest digital device. KickStart, founded by Martin Fisher and Nick Moon, puts new irrigation technologies into the hands of local entrepreneurs in Africa.

    Most small-scale farmers in Africa depend on rain -- an unreliable source of water for agriculture. In 1998, Fisher and Moon presented these farmers with an affordable solution: the MoneyMaker irrigation pump.

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  • Saluting Those Who Serve

    By Suni Harford, Regional Head of Markets for North America, Citi November 11, 2013 01:07 PM

    On November 6, Veterans on Wall Street, a consortium of large financial institutions including Citi, Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs, was the presenting sponsor of the Stand up for Heroes concert in New York City to benefit the Bob Woodruff Foundation. It was an extraordinary evening of music and laughter, that was made even more meaningful thanks to the generosity of our clients, vendors and colleagues who helped us raise critical funds to support our injured men and women in uniform as they return home.

    Tomorrow, Veterans on Wall Street will host our third annual career conference, convening veteran job-seekers, charitable organizations and HR professionals from over 150 companies, to share best practices around veteran employment issues. Veterans on Wall Street is aligned with the broader Citi Salutes initiative, created to bridge and expand upon existing company efforts aimed at serving veteran consumers and recruiting veterans for careers at the company and the financial services industry.

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  • A Banamex Tradition: Sea Turtle Conservation in Mexico

    By Luis Alonso Martinez, Community Relations, Banamex October 17, 2013 02:43 PM

    Getting back to nature and helping sea turtles has been a Banamex tradition for eight years and such a popular one that 1,000 employees applied to volunteer at this summer's Sea Turtle Conservation & Community Development program. Over the years, the program has been developed in partnership with the Mexican government and local communities where the sea turtles come ashore to lay their eggs.

    Mexico is home to seven of the world's eight species of sea turtles, which makes preserving these animals a key priority for our country. In a scant eight years, 513 Mexican and U.S. volunteers have donated 34,880 hours of service to set up 13 sea turtle camps across Mexico, preserved and protected 16,241 sea turtle eggs and released 34,764 baby turtles into the sea.

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  • Three Ways JA Worldwide Helps Build Communities

    By Sean Rush, President and CEO of JA Worldwide June 12, 2013 01:00 PM

    For Global Community Day (June 22), Citi is partnering with non-profit organizations to strengthen communities across the globe through volunteerism. One of our key partners is JA Worldwide (JA, also known as Junior Achievement). Below is a guest blog post from the President and CEO of JA Worldwide on the organization's work and partnership with Citi and the Citi Foundation.

    JA Worldwide is global youth-focused NGO dedicated to addressing fundamental social and economic challenges faced by millions of young people across the world. JA's goal is to empower young people to transform their future. To date, we've made an impact on 11 million students across our 121-country network, through the help of more than 400,000 volunteers around the world. Below are three ways our approach has helped build stronger communities across the globe:

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  • Citi Creates College Savings Accounts for San Francisco Kindergarten Students

    By Jose Cisneros, Treasurer for the City and County of San Francisco April 24, 2013 10:12 AM

    It's clear that parents know that college is important in this day and age--but they still face the challenge of being able to pay for their child's education.

    Think about these statistics: according to research by The Sallie Mae Fund nearly nine out of 10 (87 percent) parents expect their child to go to college; less than 1 percent do not. And, this research showed that most parents (75 percent) said that a college degree is necessary to get ahead in today's world. However, the price of college has increased 1,120% in the last 30 years (Bloomberg).

    Enabling parents to pay for their child's education is exactly why the City and County of San Francisco worked with Citi Community Development to create a Kindergarten to College program (K2C). Through this program, a kindergartner receives a college savings account containing its first $50 deposit that, if added to regularly, can become a 12-year head start towards college tuition.

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  • Expanding Financial Inclusion: Housing

    By Jose Quinonez, Executive Director, Mission Asset Fund April 05, 2013 05:54 PM

    Twenty five million people in the United States have no credit score. Without a credit score, these individuals cannot get a loan to buy a car, start a business, or secure housing --all crucial to increasing a person's economic stability and the ability to contribute to his or her community. Housing is a basic need, which is why Citi continues to work with partners like Mission Asset Fund to make access to affordable housing a keep component of our shared efforts to broaden financial inclusion.

    MAF's core focus is helping the unbanked access loans and build credit scores by formalizing loans traditionally created among peer groups outside of the mainstream banking system. The idea is simple: groups of people create lending circles that allow each member to chip in and give one participant a lump-sum, zero-interest, zero-fee loan. To date, MAF has managed more than $1.5 million in loans over four years with a default rate close to zero.

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  • Wrap-Up: Citi Stories and Events from The Week that Was

    March 29, 2013 11:15 AM

    Something is always happening at Citi. From fine tuning our mobile app to celebrating International Women's Day, Citi always strives to be an industry leader across a range of events, initiatives and causes.

    We want to make sure we are delivering the latest company happenings and stories to those who want to stay on top of Citi events and announcements. Hence this new series, "Wrap-up: Stories and Events from The Week that Was." Whenever there's a flurry of Citi activity or interesting stories from our employees or partners to share. we'll let you know. This week, we're covering two stories: Citi Community Development Helps Launch Home Matters and The Road to Recovery Kickoff.