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  • Urban Ingenuity Series: This Big City

    By Joe Peach, Founder and Editor in Chief of This Big City August 13, 2013 12:20 PM

    Cities across the world are rapidly shifting their development strategies to adapt to the new global and local economic and demographic realities. As the Founder and Editor in Chief of This Big City--an online publication sharing ideas and encouraging discussion about sustainable cities--I've seen, through research and interviews, that in addition to the economic and population challenges, inequality, system management and migration are three challenges cities across the world increasingly face.

    Inequality--Inequality is still prevalent, and goes far beyond gentrification. For instance, do all citizens have access to the same resources? Are poor neighborhoods as well-served by public transport as more affluent areas? If not, how can we expand existing infrastructure to ensure no one is left behind?

    System management--Building density into existing systems is another challenge. How can public transport and the built environment adjust to increasing urban populations?

    Migration--Migration is likely to become a bigger issue in the future, especially as our climate continues to change and people are drawn to more habitable and successful regions.

    The biggest single challenge facing cities, and indeed the world, is how to manage all of these challenges in a sustainable manner. A solution can only be right if it is sustainable. And one way to get to such solutions: creativity.

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  • Vélib' - A Success Story on Bike-Sharing in Paris

    By Albert Asseraf, Vice President of Strategy, Research and Marketing at JCDecaux July 22, 2013 03:10 PM

    Note: This is part of a series featuring 2012 FT/Citi Ingenuity Award winners. Vélib' won in the infrastructure category.

    Vélib' is the world's third-largest bike-sharing program, the largest outside of China, offering a way to experience the "City of Light" on two wheels. Launched in Paris in 2007, Vélib' is now widely regarded not just as a business success, but also as a social phenomenon and is credited with inspiring other major European cities to start their own bike-shares.

    However, the bike-sharing concept is not new. JCDecaux, the company behind Vélib', first inaugurated the self-service bicycle rental system in Vienna in 2003, it was followed by several other European self-service bike projects before Vélib' launched six years ago. Our service is now widely spread, with bikes available in Dublin, Seville, Brussels, and even as far as Toyama in Japan.


  • Enabling Urban Progress -- FT/Citi Ingenuity Awards: Urban Ideas in Action

    January 28, 2013 09:15 AM

    Today, Citi is pleased to announce that submissions for the 2013 FT/Citi Ingenuity Awards: Urban Ideas in Action program are now being accepted! In 2012, Citi partnered with the Financial Times to sponsor the FT/Citi Ingenuity Awards: Urban Ideas in Action program to recognize those fueling progress in cities around the world.

    Submissions were received from more than 40 countries. A judging panel selected the best. Each of the 18 finalists, including the global winner, Kenya's Community Cooker Foundation, were instrumental in helping their cities address accelerating urbanization - a commitment we at Citi share.

    What's New for 2013?

    • The 2013 Awards will recognize those who have implemented original ideas that have made life better for people living and working in cities - from city administration, transport systems, energy and utilities, education and resource management, to housing, health, social services, and mobile technologies, among others.

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  • Citi and Financial Times Name 2012 FT/Citi Ingenuity Awards Winners

    December 12, 2012 02:15 PM

    (left to right): Martin Dickson, U.S. Managing Editor, Financial Times, Janice Muthui, Manager, Community Cooker Foundation and Francesco Vanni d'Archirafi, CEO, Citi Transaction Services

    Citi and the Financial Times are pleased to announce that Community Cooker Foundation has been named global winner in the inaugural FT/Citi Ingenuity Awards: Urban Ideas in Action program. A distinguished panel of judges selected the Kenyan not-for-profit organization as the global winner for its development of an innovative and practical waste-burning stove, which holds tremendous potential for environmental, economic and social change in low resource environments.

    In addition to the global award, winners were recognized in four categories - education, energy, healthcare and infrastructure - for demonstrating particular originality, efficiency and impact in meeting urban challenges in their respective fields. Winners included: College Possible (Education), Community Cooker Foundation (Energy), GlaxoSmithKline New Citizen (Healthcare) and JCDecaux - Velib' (Infrastructure).

    The FT/Citi Ingenuity Awards aim to recognize leaders, teams, organizations and community groups that have developed innovative solutions to benefit cities, citizens and urban communities. Submissions were received from 41 countries, including: Argentina, Australia, Bahrain, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Croatia, Denmark, Ecuador, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kenya, Lebanon, Lithuania, Macedonia, Mexico, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Nepal, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Uganda, U.A.E., the United Kingdom, the United States and Uruguay.

    We are pleased to congratulate the winners and all the finalists for developing urban solutions that are innovative, scalable and replicable. Enabling progress has been Citi's central mission for 200 years. We are proud to recognize those who share our commitment to help cities thrive and strengthen the communities where we live and work.

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  • FT/Citi Ingenuity Awards - Meet the Education Finalists

    November 20, 2012 12:00 PM

    Rounding out our recent profiles of category finalists for the FT/Citi Ingenuity Awards, this post details the finalists in the education category, whose innovations are helping to expand the skills and knowledge bases of urban dwellers across the globe. As a reminder, visit Citi's Facebook page to find out more about all of the program finalists, and to tell us who you think should take home the award for the most ingenious education program.

    FT/Citi Awards Education finalists:

    As Financial Times education correspondent Chris Cook explains in this FT video profiling finalists, quality education systems are one of the most important assets for today's urban environments, given cities' need for an educated workforce to thrive as creative hubs. Currently, cities are rising to the challenge, as evidenced by these finalists who are aiming to improve access to education, or are using education as a tool by which citizens can improve their cities.

    Below are the five finalists who have implemented ingenious solutions to improve urban education:

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  • FT/Citi Ingenuity Awards - Meet the Healthcare Finalists

    November 13, 2012 03:00 PM

    The third in our series highlighting the finalists for the FT/Citi Ingenuity Awards, this post examines four healthcare candidates whose work continues to make healthy living and medical services a priority in cities worldwide. Be sure to visit Citi's Facebook page to tell us which finalists you think are the most ingenious, and check back later this month for profiles on finalists in the final category, education.

    FT/Citi Awards Healthcare Finalists:

    FT Pharmaceuticals Correspondent Andrew Jack profiles the finalists in this FT video and explains that currently there exists a stunning disparity in health and medical access not only between cities, but often more starkly, within them. Today, there is a pressing need to combine policy and design to promote fitness and healthy living in the long-term, a goal that organizations like these category finalists are striving to meet.

    Below are the four finalists who have implemented ingenious solutions to improve urban healthcare:

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  • FT/Citi Ingenuity Awards - Meet the Infrastructure Finalists

    November 02, 2012 11:30 AM

    Following our recent post examining the energy category finalists for the FT/Citi Ingenuity Awards, this post explores the top candidates for infrastructure whose innovation is helping to fuel growth and economic progress in urban centers worldwide. Be sure to visit Citi's Facebook page to tell us which of the below finalists you think is most ingenious.

    Later this month, we will profile the finalists for education and healthcare categories, so check back soon.

    FT/Citi Awards Infrastructure Finalists:

    As FT architecture critic Edwin Heathcote noted in this FT video profiling the finalists for the category, infrastructure has been famously described as the "invisible city" by urban historian Lewis Mumford. While many urban dwellers only think about infrastructure during those rare moments it fails to deliver for them, many others must frequently contend with serious infrastructure-related challenges.

    Below are the four finalists who have implemented ingenious solutions to improve urban infrastructure:

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  • FT/Citi Ingenuity Awards: Meet the Finalists

    October 29, 2012 05:15 PM

    Meet the Finalists: Energy

    Recently, Citi and the FT announced the finalists of the FT/Citi Ingenuity Awards: Urban Ideas in Action, a globally diverse and dynamic group of innovators fueling growth and economic progress in cities around the world.

    Over the next few weeks, we'll share profiles of the category finalists, starting with energy below.

    Check back for updates and visit Citi's Facebook page to tell us which finalist you think is the most ingenious.

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  • Citi Ingenuity Awards: The Finalists

    September 27, 2012 09:00 AM

    More than half of the world's population now lives in urban areas, and 180,000 people move into cities every day. As urbanization accelerates, cities are under increasing pressure to provide their citizens with essential resources, services and a meaningful quality of life.

    To recognize those fueling growth and economic progress in cities around the world, Citi partnered with the Financial Times to launch the FT/Citi Ingenuity Awards: Urban Ideas in Action program.

    Today, we are pleased to join with the FT to announce the finalists. Submissions were received from more than 40 countries in four categories - infrastructure, energy, healthcare, and education. Finalists were chosen in each category. A global winner and category winners will be announced at an awards dinner in New York City in December.

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  • FT/Citi Ingenuity Awards Education Forum: Urban Ideas In Action

    September 20, 2012 12:45 PM

    The FT/Citi Ingenuity Awards recognizes ingenious individuals or organizations that have developed solutions to urban challenges. Yesterday, we hosted the FT/Citi Ingenuity Awards Education Forum in London. "This Forum has highlighted critical trends, challenges and opportunities facing educators in cities across the world - the sharing of global best practices and ideas will help us all achieve better outcomes for young people," said Mark Cheng, UK Director for Ashoka and one of the Forum's panelists.

    The infographic below highlights some of the challenges thought leaders and innovators discussed during the forum. For additional information, download the latest FT/Citi Ingenuity Awards report focusing on healthcare and education, here.

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