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  • Deborah McWhinney: Paving the Path to Success-Define Your Passion

    By Deborah McWinney, COO Global Enterprise Payments, Citi October 10, 2013 12:34 PM

    In 2009, my decision to return to the financial services industry in the thick of the economic crisis may have surprised some. However, once the crisis hit, I knew almost immediately that I needed to be part of fixing the industry to which I had dedicated more than three decades of my life. While I knew I was embarking on unprecedented financial times, I was excited by the challenges of this opportunity.

    ....Over the years I have been faced with many obstacles that have shaped who I am personally and professionally; I firmly believe that one's success lies in the ability to be resilient. My journey, like those of many others, has been filled with ups and downs. However, I am grateful for the lessons each experience has taught me, which I can, in turn, share with future generations of leaders.

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  • Sawaddee (GREETINGS!) From Bangkok: Darren Buckley's Citi Experience in Thailand

    By Darren Buckley, Citi Country Officer of Thailand October 03, 2013 04:46 PM

    Today, Darren Buckley, Citi Country Officer of Thailand is our guide to Bangkok, an international city with ancient roots.

    At the heart of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), Bangkok, Thailand is the economic, political and cultural capital of the Land of Smiles. Its Thai name has been cited as the longest place name in the world and roughly translates into "City of angels, great city of immortals, magnificent city of the nine gems, seat of the king, city of royal palaces, home of gods incarnate, erected by Visvakarman at Indra's behest"... now who wouldn't want to visit a place whose name has promised so much since its founding in the 15th century?

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  • Citi Spotlight: How Claudia Perez Penuelas Helps Build a More Secure Future

    By Claudia Perez Penuelas, Compliance Director, Anti-Money Laundering, Citi September 26, 2013 03:05 PM

    Financial crime isn't limited to Ponzi schemes, tax evasion, or even credit fraud. Each year, hundreds of millions of dollars are funneled into Mexico and Latin America for the purpose of supporting organized crime.

    As the Director of Anti-Money Laundering Business Advisory function at Banamex, it's my responsibility to ensure that we prevent our bank from being used for such crime. Much of that work is derived from risk assessment--in other words, analyzing the range of day-to-day activities at Banamex, as well as the nature of the products and services we offer to customers.

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  • Can Cities Talk?

    By Zia Yusuf, President & CEO, Streetline, Inc. September 16, 2013 02:17 PM

    Cities are epicenters of creativity, innovation, adventures, energy, and life. They're moving, breathing, and living. Cities have a heart, personality, and looks. But a city lacks one thing: a voice.

    Every inch of a city has a story to tell. It hosts a park; a sidewalk; a café; a dark alley; a parking meter. It hosts a baby to be born; a streetlight to burn out; a traffic jam; a farmer's market; a crime about to happen.

    The city has been speechless since it's existence, begging for others to speak on its behalf. Sometimes it's misinterpreted. Sometimes it takes days or weeks to be heard. And sometimes, it never is.

    Thanks to the Internet of Things, which refers to technology that connect/shares data from actual physical "things," such as buses, light bulbs, a refrigerator, or a parking space, this is quickly changing. Most of it lies within sensors or other "sensing" devices - such as cameras - to collect data; the Internet to then pass on the data; and web and mobile applications to then turn the data into easy-to-understand and actionable information.


  • Citi Fitness: Promoting a Culture of Health

    By Lori Zimmerman, Corporate Medical Director, Citi and Megan Grabel, Health Promotion Manager, Citi September 12, 2013 04:46 PM

    Physical inactivity is a reality that busy working professionals face every day. Since many of Citi's employees are desk-based, we supply a variety of fitness and health education programs to encourage them to pursue heart-healthy activities. In fact, Citi was nationally recognized with a Platinum Level Fit-Friendly Company Award in 2011 and 2012. The award is given to "extraordinary" employers who go above and beyond in promoting workplace health and represented an improvement over our Gold Level award in 2010.

    Citi's Global Fitness Challenge

    In efforts to address the everyday risks associated with sedentary lifestyles and encourage our employees to get fit, Citi has developed initiatives such as the Citi Global Fitness Challenge. Citi's Global Fitness Challenge was launched in October of 2012 and the response has been phenomenal: 45,000 employees from 97 countries participated.


  • A Student's Story: Improving Undergraduate Knowledge of and Interest in Banking

    By Cheong Por Yee, Student, Citi Banking 101 Foundational Program September 05, 2013 04:52 PM

    We noticed that many new college graduates who came in to interview with Citi Singapore could not distinguish between the various businesses and functions in banking. That got us can we help them progress their interest in making banking their career? Since Citi is the largest banking employer and 2nd largest private sector employer in Singapore, we felt we could and should contribute to ensuring a pipeline of young talent for our company and the industry.

    So with the help from colleagues who are business experts, our team in Human Resources developed a comprehensive two-week program specifically for undergraduates who are interested in pursuing careers in banking.

    Did the program equip undergraduates with fundamental knowledge of banking and progress their interest in banking as a career? One student, Cheong Por Yee, shared his experience with the Citi Banking 101 Program and provides advice to youth looking to start a career in banking.

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  • Interning at Citi: A Pencil Fellows' Story

    By Ashley Budhai, Pencil Fellow and Citi Digital Communications Intern August 20, 2013 10:01 AM

    Before my internship with Citi, if someone told me that working at a bank would be interesting, I would have disagreed. Growing up, I've been very aware of the positive impact doctors make on people's lives and decided that's the kind of profound impact I want to have on others. As I changed over the years and learned more about the profession, this goal became more appealing. However, I never really took the time to learn about other professions. My experience with the digital communications and social media team at Citi was the first time I stepped out of my comfort zone and it ended up making me rethink my career path. I was a little skeptical going in, but once I started, I was more than surprised. There's more to the banking world than I realized. I absolutely loved everything about interning at Citi; the tasks I had at hand and the people I worked with were all so kind and supportive. I now realize that there are other things that I would enjoy doing for the rest of my life, that do not necessarily relate to medicine.


  • Urban Ingenuity Series: This Big City

    By Joe Peach, Founder and Editor in Chief of This Big City August 13, 2013 12:20 PM

    Cities across the world are rapidly shifting their development strategies to adapt to the new global and local economic and demographic realities. As the Founder and Editor in Chief of This Big City--an online publication sharing ideas and encouraging discussion about sustainable cities--I've seen, through research and interviews, that in addition to the economic and population challenges, inequality, system management and migration are three challenges cities across the world increasingly face.

    Inequality--Inequality is still prevalent, and goes far beyond gentrification. For instance, do all citizens have access to the same resources? Are poor neighborhoods as well-served by public transport as more affluent areas? If not, how can we expand existing infrastructure to ensure no one is left behind?

    System management--Building density into existing systems is another challenge. How can public transport and the built environment adjust to increasing urban populations?

    Migration--Migration is likely to become a bigger issue in the future, especially as our climate continues to change and people are drawn to more habitable and successful regions.

    The biggest single challenge facing cities, and indeed the world, is how to manage all of these challenges in a sustainable manner. A solution can only be right if it is sustainable. And one way to get to such solutions: creativity.

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  • 3 Cardinal Rules for Entrepreneurs

    By Linda Descano, CFA®, President and CEO, Women & Co. August 05, 2013 10:00 AM

    Over a year ago, I began my quest to find answers to my two most pressing entrepreneurial questions: What does it really take for an entrepreneur to be successful? And what does it take for a business owner to be the best of the best?

    My conversations have taken me across the country, and I've spoken with business owners from different industries in all stages of business growth. I've also participated in numerous discussions on Connect, Citi's network for professional women on LinkedIn, where many of our members are running their own businesses or are aspiring entrepreneurs. They've been exchanging ideas and supporting one another with advice on how to succeed as a small business owner, so I've distilled what I've learned from these conversations into three cardinal financial rules for entrepreneurs:


  • In Sioux Falls, Citi Marks 20 Years as a Leader in Affordable Housing

    By Mary Entinger, Executive Director, CitiHousing, Inc. August 02, 2013 10:12 AM

    Access to safe, stable and affordable housing is a key component of livable communities. And while that work is ongoing, yesterday in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Citi CEO Mike Corbat joined local employees and partners to celebrate CitiHousing's 20-year record of innovative community problem-solving for low- and moderate-income families, our seniors, the homeless and people with disabilities.

    Since 1993, CitiHousing has been increasing both the quantity and the quality of affordable housing here in South Dakota. The organization has provided more than $119 million in equity funding, helping to build or renovate nearly 2,700 units of affordable housing in Sioux Falls and 16 other local communities. Thanks to CitiHousing and the commitment of our partners in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors - many of whom joined us today - hundreds of South Dakota families now have the kind of housing they need and deserve.

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