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  • Citi FinTech Meetup Miami: How Financial Technology Can Drive Financial Inclusion

    By Marshall Sitten, Vice President, Communications, Citi Community Development, Jorge Ruiz, Business Development and Digital Banking Head, Citi Latin America April 21, 2015 10:00 AM

    Technology can play a vital role in bringing more people into the financial mainstream. While most may think that’s a greater demand in the developing world, some of America’s largest cities struggle with the financial isolation of huge groups of their populations.

    We see one of the starkest domestic examples in Miami.

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  • Unlock a Bike. Unlock Miami.

    By Diane Ryan, Citibank Southeast Division Manager December 19, 2014 10:00 AM

    Miami is one of Citi's most important U.S. markets, and we are stepping up our engagement with the growing Miami community through a series of initiatives that prioritize quality of life and increase our visibility throughout the city. Each unique experience offers a new way for Citi to be a part of people's everyday lives.

    In early October, Citi was proud to announce its title sponsorship of the enormously popular Miami Beach bike share program and a major expansion of the program to Downtown Miami and Coconut Grove. The expansion builds on the success of the current program, which launched in 2011 with 1,000 bikes at 100 stations throughout Miami Beach and will feature a total of 1,750 bikes at 170 stations. Citi will be title sponsor of the program for at least five years, and DECOBIKE will continue as the program operator.

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  • Reverse Mentoring: A New Perspective at Citi Latin America

    By Montserrat Garrido, Head of Marketing for Treasury and Trade Solutions, Latin America September 19, 2014 12:58 PM

    Last year, I had the great opportunity to participate with a group of colleagues in the "Reverse Mentoring" pilot program, an initiative launched by Citi Latin America that turns undergraduate and graduate university students into mentors for our senior executives for a few months.

    One might wonder why the mentors in this program are students. Traditionally, mentors have more experience than their mentees. However, in a world where technology is constantly evolving, and the Millennial Generation is at the forefront, the traditional mentor/mentee relationship is shifting. It was through this program that I was assigned as a mentee to Gabriel Perez, a young Colombian - and globetrotter - who is studying for his MBA at the University of Miami.

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  • Summer Jobs: The Path to Economic Self-Sufficiency

    By Daniel Alfonso, City Manager, City of Miami September 10, 2014 05:39 PM

    This post is part of a series inspired by Pathways to Progress, a Citi Foundation initiative that works with community partners, city officials and Citi employee volunteers to help low-income urban youth develop the leadership experience, professional skills and the workplace know-how they will need on their path towards college and careers. Follow the conversation on social media using the hashtag #Pathways2Progress.

    It's no secret: the summer season passes by very quickly for many, especially for high school students. They end their school year with finals, are free to enjoy their summer, a few weeks rush by and then all of a sudden, they are right back at their desks for another academic year.

    The City of Miami recognized that these summer months are incredibly important and are an opportunity for growth, which is why we implemented a program, with support from the Citi Foundation and the Cities for Financial Empowerment (CFE) Fund, to provide both financial education and employment to the City's high-school students. Our goal is to provide an experience that we hope will set them on a path to economic self-sufficiency.

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  • Lessons from Miami, the Future of American Cities

    By Angie Henderson Moncada, SVP Global Branding, Citi January 23, 2014 04:19 PM

    Miami was my first city. I moved there for graduate school, stayed on to build a career, and came back to launch a venture that eventually led me to my current role at Citi. So, I had a real sense of pride yesterday at the U.S. Conference of Mayors 82nd Winter Meeting when Miami got a bit of the spotlight. Citi's North America CEO Bill Mills talked about how, in an increasingly urbanized, globalized and connected society, Miami is an example of how American cities can connect themselves to the wider world.

    Miami is now home to more than 1,200 multinationals from 53 countries. Foreign multinationals and U.S.-based global organizations like Citi are progressively headquartering their Latin America operations in Miami. In fact, 800 use the city for their regional or global headquarters, with great effects on Miami's economy, tax base, and employment rolls.

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