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  • KickStart: Progress for Farmers in Africa - A Citi banker from Egypt, based in New York, helps a client in Kenya

    By Noha Galal Abdelsalam, Senior Vice President and Relationship Manager for Citi Commercial Bank August 05, 2014 01:16 PM

    Citi is the title sponsor of the It's Africa's Time series, which focuses on how businesses can help advance the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. The second episode in the series begins airing today on CNBC in sub-Saharan Africa and features KickStart International, a non-profit social enterprise and Citi client.

    I never dreamed when I joined Citi that my job would take me far away from my home in Africa, yet give me the opportunity to have a transformative impact there many years later.

    I joined Citi fourteen years ago in Cairo, and since then have worked in numerous markets and countries. Today, I'm a Relationship Manager with the Commercial Bank in New York, working with mid-sized businesses, including KickStart International, a non-profit social enterprise with operations in Kenya and other sub-Saharan countries, whose mission is to lift families from poverty.

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  • Streetline - Reimagining Parking

    October 21, 2013 12:34 PM


    Los Angeles County is home to more than 7.4 million registered cars, but only a fraction of that number of parking spaces. Streetline, Inc. has developed a solution: technology that helps people find parking spaces with a free app. But cities need funding to make to help them adopt the program. Recongizing the innovated quality of Streetline's idea, Citi was proud to provide a cash infusion that reduces up-front costs. As a result, Streetline is expanding to cities around the globe.

    To learn more about Streetline's vision, check out: Can Cities Talk?

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